Norse Force (Weekend Game Jame)

Dan john cox textured viking

The materials for the paint were easy to swap out for each player

Dan john cox 2018 05 10 22 56 17

Updated scene with another evening of fiddling with it and adding effects for fun

Dan john cox 2018 05 08 08 49 58 unity 2017 3 0f3 personal 64bit mainscene unity tojam2018 pc mac linu

Original scene at the end of the weekend

Dan john cox statues
Dan john cox wood viking
Dan john cox big shapes

initial blockin

Norce Force (TOJam 2018)

This was a game me and 2 other programmers made over the weekend for Toronto's TOJam. We didn't know what we were making until the start of the event and I made all the art from start to finish over the span of just the weekend. First time I incorperated a rig and animations into this kind of process and speed which was fun and crazy. Pretty pleased with how it turned out visually and how it turned out in gameplay too, it's actually pretty damn fun! You can download it from
Make sure to download the fancy version for the more polished scene.

May 10, 2018