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This is a tiny sample of Below, a game I'm working on at Capy Games as an Artist, Producer, and Designer. Below is a procedurally generated roguelike.
The game was originally in mostly 2D except characters but is now almost entirely 3D. My role was to bridge this gap. We had our own tools and pipeline which was not built for 3D, so much of my job was establishing workflows and new pipelines for 3D while training the team to work in 3D. I also had to establish the visual feel of 3D objects to make sure they feel exactly the same as the hand drawn ones.
Transitioning a project from 2D into 3D while dealing with rough procedural tools during production has been in incredible undertaking and taught me a lot. As Producer & Designer I worked to establish more struture in our production and design iteration.
I did a talk about this process for GDC in 2017

September 7, 2017